Gnash flashplayer disponibile in una nuova versione

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Gnash flashplayer disponibile in una nuova versione

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Il noto flashplayer opensource Gnash è disponibile nella versione 0.8.10 rilasciato con licenza GPLv3.

Miglioramenti e bug risolti:

* Qt4 GUI supports mouse wheel, clipboard, and screen resolution.
* Enhanced UI support for script limits (abort popups, user prefs).
* BitmapData functions copyPixels(), copyChannel(), perlinNoise()
and noise() implemented.
* Node id mapping in ActionScript XML class implemented (XML.idMap).
* Fix dispatching of Sound.onLoad event, fixing google dict audio.
* Fix support for control tags found after last expected frame
* Fix support for uncompressed sound with gstreamer media handler.
* Implement Button.getDepth(), fix button key events.
* Fixes to startDrag and stopDrag opcodes.
* Implement onSoundComplete() for event sounds (#23020).
* Fix MovieClip.onLoad event dispatching and constant pools handling,
fixing support for movies generated by the evil Adobe Captivate
tool (#33521).
* Fix unattached Sound.stop() semantic (#33888) enjoy Super Mario!
* OpenVG renderer added.
* Improved framebuffer GUI and touchscreen support.
* Framebuffer now supports using multiple renderers.
* Refactored input device support.
* Fix parsing of lossless 16bit bitmaps, fixing support for movies
generated by the evil TechSmit Camtasia tool (#34625).
* Improved double buffering support for AGG in a framebuffer.
* Thumbnailer for SWF files and GNOME2 desktop config for it.

Non è ancora presente l'rpm compilato nei repo Fedora; tuttavia è possibile configurare un repository aggiuntivo per i soli sistemi 32 bit:

name=Gnash Snapshot for Fedora $releasever

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